Wherever you need support for efficiency or cost savings we’re here with vetted services to meet your goals.

Spring & Summer Farm Services

Seeds, Plugs & Clones

Plug & Play CBD provides high quality genetics. We will soon offer High CBD Seeds (including low and no-detect) as well as Clones.

Ripping, Disking, & Tilling

Plug & Play CBD has the knowledge and tractor operators to design your site and prep your soil to create raised beds.

Raised Beds w/ Drip Tape

We will bring the drip tape and tractor to create raised beds with drip tape for your irrigation to tap into with or without plastic mulch.

Planting with Water Wheel

We’ll bring a waterwheel & tractor to plant thousands of plants a day saving you time, labor &  money as compared to planting by hand.

Harvest Season Services

Harvesting Services

Plug & Play CBD offers a variety of harvesting solutions depending on field size, topography and conditions.

Drying, Freezing or Baling

Plug & Play CBD offers hemp drying, freezing and baling services that can accommodate varying volumes of crop sizes.

Credit: www.cannarecruiter.com

Sale of Product

We also are connected with a number of processors, buyers, that can provide options for selling your product.

Storage: Dry or Freezer

Our warehouse is licensed and insured. Rest assured that your product will be secure and safe, at industry-low rates.

Why us?

We have equipment

Whether it’s machines to help automate your harvest, drying, freezing, or bailing we can provide equipment for efficiency to get the job done.

We have experience

In our network if any of us don’t know an answer to your current challenges we have top industry consultants on call.

We have your back

When we take you on as a client we are on your side to provide support and services for what you need when you need it.

Efficiency and Profit

We have researched and are able to provide cutting edge solutions for small to large-scale hemp farms.

Save your farm money

Industry professionals are utilizing this equipment for a reason not just to save time but also save money.

Long-term relationships

We cultivate long-term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to work and grow together, year after year, in a true partnership.