We have several farms in our network of farms we work with and serve. For the most part our farm clients are in Oregon but we have occasional farms approach with product to sell in other states such as Colorado. Collectively, the farms we could bring to Buyers represent millions of pounds.  We are not only supporting farmers to be a resource of support but also vetting farms and ensuring that their product is quality, letting them know the information that you as a Buyer or agent of a buyer is looking for e.g. full spectrum test results, pictures of the farm and product, ODA licensed and all of the other usual particulars.

We are in touch with farms with a variety of different kinds of farming and processing methods including shucked off the stem, grinded, milled, baled (into 2,000 pound bales wet), or even have farms that will sell their product wet direct in the field. For us to link farms with the right buyers for their situations it helps us if you give as much details about you as a buyer or an agent of buyers as possible of the kinds of product that you’re looking for find.