Drying, Freezing and Baling


Plug & Play CBD is launching a 100,000 soft facility allowing us to provide hemp drying services that can accommodate 100s of 1,000s of  pounds. Our primary form of drying will be on racks for flower. We may acquire a dryer for faster biomass drying or can refer that out to other industry professionals. Depending on size and location of the farm, we may be able to assist in providing labor. We have multiple drying solutions to assist with your goals and ability to pay and even have financing options to pay in product.


Our new facility has cold storage options that can allow for the best storage option for selling your product for a higher rate in the spring. Space may be limited.


There is a method to bale and preserve wet chopped hemp material for up to 12 months. By utilizing this technology, it is possible to preserve up to 75 acres of harvested material per day, allowing the option to store and open the bales when harvest lot is ready for drying.

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