We are making arrangements with service providers to be able to offer reasonably priced options for variety of harvesting solutions to a limited number of farms depending on field size, topography, and conditions.

We will visit the subject site to advise on the most economical solution available. Prices vary depending on what type of harvest services you contract for.

Harvesting options:

  • Driving forager harvester (Capacity 20-75 acres per day)
  • Tow behind forage harvester (Capacity 5-15 acres per day)
  • Hand chop whole plants to be chipped on site or transported to processing facility (Capacity 1-5 acres per day)
  • Baling your biomass (into 2,000 lb bales) will preserve your product for 6 months or more allowing you to postpone drying.

Making Hemp Crop into Bio Mass

Costs may vary depending on terrain or your farm is laid out, and how big your plants are. After product is made into biomass it will be put into Super Sacks ready for you to send to dry, freeze or process directly.

Email us and we’ll get back as soon as we can, or, you can expedite the process and get closer to the front of the line by filling out and submitting your business profile so we can serve your needs immediately.