Our warehouse will be licensed and insured to secure your product at a low rate for each month stored. You can store with our super sacks. The warehouse will have cameras that you can view your product on your phone.


Our new facility has 30,000 soft of cold storage. This is a great option for storing the highest quality product for a period of time. Rates will be reasonable but space will be limited.


When your product is made into a bale it allows it to be in a state where it it not degrading allowing us to store and open the bales when harvest lot is ready for drying. We have connections with operators that can provide the service. The bales are generally 2,000 lbs and the size is 4×4.

Email us and we’ll get back as soon as we can, or, you can expedite the process and get closer to the front of the line by filling out and submitting your business profile so we can serve your needs immediately.